Writing Short Fiction & Flash - WEDNESDAY

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Jul 27 2022
Aug 17 2022
Instructor: Katie Barasch - VIRTUAL CLASS

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Lorrie Moore, in an interview with The Paris Review, said: "A story is a kind of biopsy of human life [...] both local, specific, small, and deep, in a kind of penetrating, layered, and revealing way." With such a limited word count, what can a short story accomplish that a novel cannot? In this class we'll learn how to write short fiction that hooks a reader from the very first sentence, giving and receiving constructive feedback throughout. By reading a range of published stories and paying close attention to the conventions of craft, we'll learn the rulesand then how to break them!

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07/27/2022, 08/03/2022, 08/10/2022, 08/17/2022


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