Imagination and Inspiration - TUESDAY

  • Creative Writing
Jul 11 2023
Aug 15 2023
Instructor: Katya Kazbek - VIRTUAL CLASS - 6 weeks

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Where do writers get inspiration? How to fuel your creative imagination when life gets mundane? The world around us can be the finest prompt generator you’ve seen, you just need to learn how to use it. In this class, we will get our creative juices flowing by using everything around us—from our favorite film scenes to art exhibitions to family recipes to strange encounters at grocery stores—to power our storytelling. The goal of this class is to generate a whole lot of writing, establish a consistent routine of noticing the unusual in the everyday, and learn to whip up fascinating stories out of thin air.



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07/11/2023, 07/18/2023, 07/25/2023, 08/01/2023, 08/08/2023, 08/15/2023


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