Dirty Little Secrets: How Publishing Really Works

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426 Springfield Ave, Summit, NJ 07901, USA
Sep 14 2019
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In this eye-opening event, Phil Sexton, publisher of Media Lab Books and former publisher of Writer's Digest, shares the nitty-gritty of what takes place behind closed doors at publishing houses, in meetings with bookstore buyers, and on the bookstore sales floor. We’ll cover:

  • Strategies to ensure your book receives the best treatment

  • What questions to ask

  • What publishers don’t want you to know or sometimes forget to do

  • The mistakes publishers make and how to keep them from happening

  • How to build an effective – and profitable – publishing partnership

Learn to be your own best advocate when dealing with publishers to make certain your book is handled with the care and attention it deserves!

Morning Session - 10am - noon

Geared for newcomers to the publishing business. (Experienced writers will find the session beneficial, too.) You’ll learn:

  • An overview of how the publishing industry works

  • Publishing’s odd concepts and confusing lingo

  • Insights into what happens once your book hits an acquisitions editor’s desk

  • The factors that influence a house’s decision to publish your work…or not, which can improve your proposal or query letter, increasing your odds of a book deal.

Have Lunch with the Expert! - 12-1pm

During lunch, Phil will host an open Q&A session and answer all your publishing questions.

Stay for lunch after the morning session or come for lunch if you’re joining us in the afternoon!

Afternoon Session - 1-4pm

Dig deep into the publishing experience. You’ll learn:  

  • How to influence the publishing process once you’ve received a book deal

  • How your book title and cover design influence the process

  • What editors don’t share that can influence  your book’s performance

  • Why and how publishing decisions are made, presented in a mock pub board format using real proposals from real authors

  • What questions you should ask, including:

    • Catalog representation

    • Co-op and marketing commitments

    • Sell-in results

    • Metadata

    • Sales results

    • Business relationship

    • Discoverability

    • Forewords and blurbs

  • What happens during a sales call and why you need to know the details



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426 Springfield Ave, Summit, NJ 07901, USA
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